An afternoon in Calico Rock

An afternoon in Calico Rock

On a recent camping trip to Mtn. View, we decided to take a short road trip to Calico Rock. I had driven through it few times, but never stopped to visit. What a treat!

This historical small town nestled on the White River has plenty of sites for history buffs to visit. The drive on Hwy 5 north from Mtn. View winds along the White River on the east, and the Ozark National Forest on the west.  Approaching Calico Rock from the south, one gets a good sense of the charm and beauty of the city perched high above the White River.

FYI: Don't get in a hurry. Get out, stroll around downtown, enjoy the fall colors and the scenery. You will me glad you did.

The local museum is really amazing. Located in a three-story old building on main street, it has well planned and realistic exhibits that bring the area’s history to life, from Native Americans to the glory days of steamboats, railroads, and the Civil War. Because of its location on the river bluffs, Calico Rock was a major military settlement during the Civil War; several battles were fought in the area. But Calico Rock was also a bustling riverboat town, and later a major railroad stop. While the riverboats are long gone, freight trains still run through the town. In addition to the museum, downtown Calico Rock has an Arts and Science Center, an ice cream parlor, and a nice antique store. It is well worth your time to stroll through downtown Calico Rock.

Just the east of Main Street, across Calico Creek, is East Calico. Although a ghost town now, many of the original buildings are still standing, and numerous signs tell the story of East Calico in its glory days.  And don’t forget the fishing. Calico Rock has several guide services for fishing on the White River. I highly recommend a road trip to Calico Rock.

Many old buildings are still standing          The old jail is still standing.  including a mercantile store,                            FYI. There is a $5 fine for 
blacksmith & cotton gin.                                     talking to prisoners.

Calico Rock Museum

A riverboat wheelhouse replica on the econd floor gives visitors a great view.
An exhibit honoring Those That Served in the Armed Forces is located in the basement.
A fantastic Civil War exhibit on the upper level of the main floor contains a chronoloical history of the war.   
(Left) Native Americans had a long and profound heritage in the Calico Rock area, as evidenced by this realistic exhibit..
(Left) Life for most families in Calico Rock was simple yet adequate as this exhibit so well represents.